Leather Material

Leather Medical Representative Bags

This page constitutes different leather bags used by the Pharmaceutical Industry

Medical Representative BagMedicalRepresentativeBag2

Highly popular among medical representatives across the country. Have sold thousands of them and popularity still strong among pharma community. With silky smooth finished exterior hides the tough leather inside. Here is the description of the bag...

  • Type of Leather - Katai Leather
  • Number of Divisions - Three
  • Number of Locks - Two
  • Reinforcement - Thin inner iron rod reinforcement for extra strength to handle those extra loads
  • Handle - Sturdy leather handle
  • Bottom - Stiff bottom with studs
  • Color - Dark Brown
  • Standard Size - 16
  • Custom Size - Possible. Can manufacture according to buyer specifications, but bigger sizes would become difficult to handle for day to day usage
  • Custom Alterations - Possible. Let us know what you want to see in the bag you purchase, we shall try to accomodate them provided feasibility of manufacture
  • Minimum Quantity - One Bag
  • Maximum Quantity - As per your requirements

Medical Executive Bag

Sleek executive portfolio bag used by medical executives to take with them brochures, catalogs and files.MedicalExecutiveBag

Medical Representative Box

Leather_medical_boxBox type medical luggage useful to take those bulky presentation materials. Made of thick leather to withstand rough usage.