We specialize in various kinds of small leather goods


The Sincere Co., is in the business of specializing finished leather goods, manufacture of canvas bags, custom rexine bags and various other promotional goods for the past five decades.

Established by A.M.Gupta in 1940 and the main office still located at the same location since inception at No. 125, Broadway, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - 600108, in the heart of the city and minutes away from Southern Railway Station and Bus Terminus. The company started with specialization in very fine quality finished leather goods such as suitcases, portfolio bags, wallets etc and slowly added several other products under the company's portfolio such as rexine items, finished canvas bags, dog collars etc.

Company Size

We try to maintain a look and feel of small company and small enough to know individual customers and sufficiently large enough to meet any order requirements.

With hundreds of satisfied customers and repeated customers over the past few decades is a proof of quality, craftmanship and integrity. Our customer base ranges from Chennai, India to California, U.S.A.. We thank all our customers for making us a successful company.
Customer Support

Prompt and good customer support to all our prodcuts. The answers to all your questions are always honest and prompt. Customer service being top priority, every single customer is treated as someone special and best service is provided to them. We hear patiently to the requirements of the individual order and submit samples to suit their requirement. If for some reason, the customer is not happy with the samples, we re-do the samples again based on their design, specifications, color, material variety such as leather, canvas or rexine, thread variety, buttons, zippers and locks to suit their taste. We make sure the buyer is 100% satisfied with the product before producing them in huge quantities according to their size of order.

What you see in our website is a small sample of pictures of our products. If you have any particular product in your mind either in leather, canvass or rexine, please feel free to send us either a picture or sample and we can reproduce the same and be glad to send you a quotation.

Looking forward to serve you with Quality finished goods.